Michèle Sutter-Rüdisser to join the Board of Directors of Chain IQ Group AG

Nov 23, 2022

Chain IQ Group AG is delighted to announce the appointment of Michèle Sutter-Rüdisser to the Board of Directors of Chain IQ Group AG.

Michèle Sutter-Rüdisser is a highly recognized expert in Organizational Control and Governance as evidenced by her current academic positions: In 2022 she was appointed Director, Network for Innovative Corporate Governance (NICG) at the University of St. Gallen, since 2018 she acts as Adjunct Professor for Organizational Control and Governance at the School of Management, University of St. Gallen and since 2011 as long-term Visiting Professor at Università SDA Bocconi, I-20136 Milano.

Additionally, she serves on multiple boards (e.g., Erste Group Bank AG, Vienna, Helsana AG, Zürich and Graubündner Kantonalbank, Chur) and is a renowned public speaker and participant at important national as well as international panels. Combined with her long-term experience in teaching especially on Executive and PhD level, she will significantly contribute to Chain IQ.

Michèle Sutter-Rüdisser holds a PhD and a Licentiate in Business Administration, Economics, Law and Social Sciences from University of St. Gallen, both with honours.

“It is with great honour and pleasure to join the exceptional team of Chain IQ Group AG and contribute to the continuing success of the leading global independent indirect procurement service provider”, Michèle Sutter-Rüdisser points out.

Claudio Cisullo, Founder and Executive Chairman of Chain IQ Group AG, says: “I am very pleased, Michèle Sutter-Rüdisser will be joining the Chain IQ Group AG Board of Directors. Her experience and resume with a remarkable track record, as well as her personality, is an enrichment to our Chain IQ Board and Company.”

The election of Michèle Sutter-Rüdisser to the Board of Directors of Chain IQ Group AG will be accomplished at the Annual General Meeting in 2023, however, she will already attend the meetings of the Board of Directors from now on.