Unlocking Growth Potential: Chain IQ’s Agile Contact Center Solution

Jul 3, 2024

In the dynamic landscape of business transformation, partnerships play a pivotal role. Chain IQ joined forces with Kyndryl and Five9 to embark on a shared mission: to transform the company’s contact center operations. This alignment of vision allowed us to pool our expertise and resources effectively.

When solutions are tailored to individual customer workflows, efficiently onboarding and supporting other customers can become a challenge, potentially limiting business growth. At Chain IQ, our aim is to enhance the flexibility and stability of systems supporting our global contact centers, enabling greater agility and rapid, cost-effective process modifications. By doing so, our IT staff and contact center agents can focus on delivering more value to customers and lines-of-business teams.

A Collaborative Solution

Chain IQ encountered operational complexities with its existing on-premises contact center solution, making it challenging to meet the growing demand for customer additions and workflow adjustments. In a remarkable feat, Chain IQ collaborated with Kyndryl Consult and Five9 to deploy a Contact Center as a Service solution within a mere three weeks. This solution included seamless integration with telecom providers and backend systems.

Chain IQ is determined to generate above-market value for its multinational clients, transforming indirect procurement into a world-class, resilient, and digitalized end-to-end function.

Herbert Brecheis, CIO of Chain IQ Group

The Power of Partnerships

Every business has unique needs, especially when it comes to contact centers. Kyndryl, Five9, and Chain IQ recognized this and crafted a tailored Contact Center as a Service solution, integrating essential tools like Single Sign-On, Microsoft Teams, and ServiceNow applications. This synergy made it possible to create a solution that precisely meets Chain IQ’s requirements.

We strive to accelerate technology’s impact across the business for our customers and this rapid implementation of the contact center solution that we achieved, together, with Chain IQ and our partner, Five9, serves as a prime example.

Jan Pospíšil, Account Partner, Kyndryl

The partnership facilitated the migration and transformation of Chain IQ’s contact centers with exceptional speed. The results speak for themselves:

  • Customized workflows: The creation of customized workflows for customers was accelerated.
  • Empowered agents: Contact center agents gained the ability to modify customer reports without relying on IT developers.
  • Faster onboarding: With a 50% reduction in onboarding time, Chain IQ can acquire new customers more efficiently.
  • Agility and scalability: Kyndryl’s elastic contract enables frictionless dynamic resizing of the contact center based on demand, maximizing agility and scalability.

In this journey, we harnessed innovation to drive growth and excellence. Our contact center being client facing has been a critical part of the successful transformation.

Herbert Brecheis, CIO of Chain IQ Group

Further Information
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